Selenium WebDriver Introduction


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Selenium WebDriver Introduction

> It is a most important tool in Selenium suite.

> It has programming interface allows us to create and execute Test cases against
different browsers (Ex: Firefox, IE, Google chrome etc…)

> WebDriver supports various programming languages to enhance Test cases.

> WebDriver supports various operating environments to create and execute test cases.

MS Windows
Macintosh etc…

> WebDriver supports Data driven testing and Cross browser testing.

> WebDriver is faster than other tools in selenium suite.

> WebDriver supports parallel test execution with the help of either JUnit or TestNG framework.

> WebDriver doesn’t have built in Result reporting facility, provides summary only.
(* With help of JUnit or TestNG we can generate HTML test reports.

> No object Repository in selenium Webdriver, so no centralized maintenance of objects.
Creating Test cases
Using Element locators, Webdriver methods and java programming features we can create and execute Test cases.

> Element Locators: To recognize or identify Elements (Objects)

> WebDriver Methods: To perform operations on elements

> Java programming features: To enhance Test cases.
> TestNG Annotations: For grouping test cases, parallel test execution and generating test reports.

In Gmail home page,

Identifying “Gmail” Link -using Element locator

Click the “Gmail” link -using WebDriver method